Change webserver from Apache2 to NGIX

Hello, I currently use heista version 1.7.2 and my server has this configuration:
Proxy server: nginx
Web server: apache2
Backend server: php-fpm

Whereas I would like this configuration:
Web server: nginx
Backend server: php-fpm

I attach screenshots:

I currently have 3 web-apps with 3 active backends and would not like to block the service. But I need to change the server configuration, how can I do this without blocking everything for too long?
I would absolutely like to avoid having to reinstall.


Thank you for your reply, where should I run these commands from?
Can I do everything via the HestiaCP panel or do I have to connect via putty, go to the home with user Super and launch them one by one?

Is there a more detailed guide please, I am a neophyte.

No you need to run it only once.

After that you might want to update / replace the templates if needed

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Hi Eris, thanks for your reply, but I don’t understand where to run that script.

Also what do you mean by update/replace the template?

Hello Luigi

Please bear in mind that heatiacp is intended for system administrators and not for people with low server management skills.

The instructions provided are very clear. I am going to translate them though.

The command has to be run in the command line. In your case that is “putty”.

The other warning is that the command will migrate all websites to Nginx and will remove apache2. BUT it WILL NOT configure your webs so you will need to set the Nginx templates in the panel.

Since I guess your websites are in production, I would take a backup of the users, migrate it to a new server with nginx only and get them up and running. Once everything works, pont DNS to the new server and trash the old one.

Alternatively you may also modify Nginx templates to not use apache2 in your server. Then you can stop it. Most certainly you won’t mind to have 200MB in your disk because you didn’t remove apache2.


I hope it gives you an idea.

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Thank you very much!

Thank you!

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