Changed SSH config can no longer login

Hey guys,

I really messed up my SSH trying to harden and secure it but I jacked up the config so I can no longer remote into my server.

Is there anyway I can revert the SSH to default via the panel?

Thanks guys… Please be a yes.

Hi @Supercilious

Sorry to say, but it’s a no. Expect something hacky like a webshell in admin user, but I never tried. The only way would be to use a vnc or kvm interface service which usualy should be provided from your hosting provider. There you can login as root and try to fix your ssh config.


Daaaaaaamn, I was afraid that would be the answer, thanks man.

There is a possibility to make changes in the file “/etc/ssh/sshd_config” from https://sub.domain.tld:8083/edit/server/ssh/ and restart the service from the panel. I don’t know if it will help you…

For example, you could change “PermitRootLogin no” and/or “PasswordAuthentication no” to “yes”.


That could be indeed a solution, sorry about that, I always forgot the edit config function over the interface, due to the fact I never use it.

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Damn! I already backed everything up, reloaded the server and restored everything.

Oh well it wasn’t that much work but at least I know if I goof up like that again!

Thanks @Wibol

Least this will help others in the future!


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