Changing language in 1.1.0

When I change the language from basic options, only login screen is translated. GUI itself remains in English.


Which language you choose? Is it only this language? Did you try to clear the cache or use incognito mode?

You need to check the “Update Users Default Language” box and log out/back in for the change to take effect for all users on the system.

Otherwise, the change only takes place for new users created after the language has been changed and the login screen.

None of them work. Yes, Cleared the cache, tried diferent browser where hestia wansn’t loaded before, tried to restart hestia, apache, nginx…
New language is applied to login screen only.

v-change-sys-language is executed and it’s visible in system,log, no errors, just no cigar.

This works.
I didn’t check “Update Users Default Language”. or was changing curent user language in a wrong place.

I will contribute with new language file to make up for the time you take to answer my questions. :slight_smile:


I was just checking the quality of my translation to Croatian, and found several variables missing from the latest en.php file i used as a template;

Enabled multi PHP versions (under config web server)
user accounts (very bottom of users tab)
SQL databases (very bottom of databases tab)
mail domains (very bottom of mail tab)
DNS zones (very bottom of DNS tab)
web domains (very bottom of web tab)
Forgot Password (title of the page, after you click on forgot password)
Database Editor (button under databases tab)
Add Record (button under DNS tab)
Quick install app (button and the entire page behind it)
Hestia Control Panel (suffix to title of the welcome page)
Hestia Control Panel (alt text on logo image on the welcome page)
Hestia Control Panel: (under server tab before version)
Refresh (button under logs tab)
Time (column name under logs table)
Value (column name under logs table)
Time (column name under banned IP adresses manager)
Description (column name under updates)
Service (column name under services)
Description (column name under services)

‘RESTART_CONFIRMATION’ takes untranslated variable %s. (server, etc.)

There might be more. I didn’t follow through all the functions.

Also please make a single variable for “Update Users Default Language”, because it’s impossible to translate with correct case when three variables in capitalized nominative are combined.

I made a pull of the translation to master. Also, It would be great if I could check the quality of translation on file manager module. I’m not sure about the context of various strings. :wink: