Changing nginx.conf

Please tell me, the user will use the panel as a mini hosting.
Will he be able to add his own parameters for the site somehow? This is usually done via htaccess on apache, but there are no such files in nginx, but there is - nginx.conf
Will the user be able to do what he needs, for example, redirecting to another domain (I know that it is in the panel) via a file? Does he have such an opportunity and if so, how?

No he doesn’t

I understand that I’m not the first to ask. What should a host user do if he wants to redirect part of the pages to another server.
Apparently, he won’t be able to do it on his own? What should he do then? is hestia suitable for your hosting?

Redirection for domain.

A lot user use Hestia for hosting their clients and they are happy with it. I don’t see any issues with it.

I think with Hestia you can do a lot more things that with VestaCP for example. If you don’t like our changes please switch to VestaCP again…

I like everything. I just want to test the panel’s capabilities and how to use it correctly…

It’s just not clear how users can make their fine-tuning redirects, if there are any, and whether they can do it without me…

of course they can, if you give them the right tools and options! which means if you run a stack with Apache2, for sure your users can use .htaccess as before and do the needful.

if on the other hand you decide to only offer them nginx, then Hestia is obviously not a replacement for apaches mod-rewrite :wink:

you can have custom nginx conf files per domain, that’s nothing new. but for obvious reasons regular users are not allowed to add or edit these, as this could easily break or stop the whole nginx service from working.
so, if you only rely on nginx you’ll have to manage that for you clients. :man_shrugging:t2:


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