Check SSL domain locally

Hi. I want to generate a Lets Encrypt SSL certificate for my domain, which I have added in Hestia, but I am not connected to the Internet, but only to the LAN.
How can I make the certificate generation succeed without Hestia checking if the domain exists on the internet?

I use a LAN DNS server (at the router level), where I have definned static DNS records and use it to get to the domain I need (from the LAN). The problem is that if I want to generate the necessary certificate, such generation ends with an error.

Lets encrypt requires validation over the internet

Is there any way I can disable or bypass such a check?

No you can’t

Will a function be added in some future versions when it would be possible to turn off this authentication via the Internet?

No validation via internet is a requirement for Letsencrypt.

Use a selfsigned certificate or buy one

As others adviced, I would suggest buying a cheap SSL usually costing less than $10/yr and slap it on. That’s the only viable option. Mind that paid SSL too needs DNS record or validation by email/html to generate the certificate. How you will manage to verify domain ownership is also something to consider.

One possible option is to issue wildcard certificate for an online domain and then use that would card SSL as one of your subdomainsb on your intranet

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