Chroot does not work

Hi, the website says that the panel supports chroot by default. However, when I turn on bash, the user sees the entire server : (Then why is it written that chroot works?

Because you can’t use shell again… We tell that we support chroot for sftp. Not for shell access

which website?

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Fantastic, thanks for your quick response! Will this be supported in the future?
And can I find out here how to update roundcube to the latest version? I’m staying with you, thanks for your work :slight_smile:

If you recently installed Hestia it is allready on the last version. Unless they have released a new version now…

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Hi! Main Features — Hestia Control Panel documentation Maybe we can supplement what doesn’t work for bash? so that people like me don’t get confused anymore?)

I think “Support for SFTP chroot jails” is already very specific.

True, but this can be confused with this other sentence:

Support for SFTP, chroot jails

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