Classic email forwarding

Hello all,

i try to forward all mail to my gmail account but without success, no mail attive to gmail i se it only in webmail client. I use the classic function Forward to (One or more email addresses).

What can be the problem?

Forward emails doesnt work properly, due to that your server isnt allowed to send as the sender email address (spf). Best way is to setup a pop connection for downloading the emails from your server over your gmail account.


A lot more details here: Search results for 'gmail forward' - Hestia Control Panel - Discourse :wink:

Thanks Felix i serch and reed a lot, but the classic forwarding function is not working, it’s no spam problem or something. I think is hcp problem what have to be solved.

Try using ~all instead of -all in your spf records as it at least will not hard fall…

Due to issues with spam / phishing mail providers has become more strictly with it. Forwarders in the current form that existed over xx year will just break. Very simple…

The solution would to force every user to Ubuntu 22.04 or Debian 11 and to implement SRS. How ever this will take time and more important money.

HestiaCP is an opensource project. It will mean that we give this software away for free with out any warranty attached. Feel free to contribute to the project with a Pull request or a monthly donation so we can spend more time on development. But there are 105 more issues known…

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clearly not an hestia issue, its just how spam and spf protection is working…

Implementing exim srs is on the todo list, but needs exim 4.94, which itself only has deb11 and ubuntu 22.04 yet as default version: SRS · Exim/exim Wiki · GitHub


Unless we going to provide our own packages… And backdport everything :’(

Clear, it’s more complicated as I think. I appreciated the work of everty singol user who contribute to this projec, and it’s somethink fantastic. I will be glad to contribute but for now I’am not so good in this think, but I try to learn :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Try using ~all instead of -all in your spf records as it at least will not hard fall…

In my DNS records there is alredy ~all. Thanks for tip.

Or activate that function only if the server is running Deb 11 or Ub 22

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Maybe you should have a second look at it.

I mean, if all emails are forwarded also spam is forwarded from the Google perspective it is an email account and server IP that sends more spam than it should be.

How is your SPF config exactly? Maybe there is a typo or something missing or incorrect.

You mean the DNS spf record?

v=spf1 mx ~all

You are using a smtp relay?

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Looks correct to me. My EXACT configuration is this:
“v=spf1 +a +mx -all”

Now I solved bypassing the problem. I used a CloudFlare mail redirect and maintained the sandinblue smtp in gmail. Works great.

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