Clean VPS and cannot get emails to be sent out

Hello everyone,

I got this control panel installed on a clean VPS and got everything setup and managed to fix a few issues however this issue I cannot seem to be able to fix and I am hoping to get some help in fixing this issue.

I searched the form and it seems one other person has had this issue (forum [dot] hestiacp [dot] com/t/need-some-help-cant-send-emails/3944) and someone replied to them, telling them to go to this page hestiacp [dot] com/docs/server-administration/email.html#i-am-unable-to-send-email witch I did and followed what it says to do, so I did. I entered this code “telnet ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM 25” into PuTTY using root access and I got this a message saying the connection timed out.

I looked at the log files at /var/log/exim4 and uploaded them to wqyu [dot] net/mail_error_logs/exim4

I emailed the hosting provider and asked “is post 25 open or closed?” and they said it is closed and they will not open it under any circumstances unless I upgrade to a dictated server. They said I can make a modification in Roundcube by editing the configuration file. They say “Yes roundcube can be used for ports 587 or 465. You would just have to ensure that the SMTP ports are set to one or both of those ports in the roundcube configuration.”

I am not sure what file(s) I need to edit and when they are and what I need to add.

Suppose I forget the password on my control panel and I would like to do a password reset doesn’t this also stop me from being able to receive the link that I would need in order to do a password reset?

How can I fix this as well?

The standard port use for SMTP is 25. If you’re provider is blocking it then you can’t send outbound emails.

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Hi @wqyu,

That has no sense. Forget it.

If you want to send mails from Hestia and your hosting provider is blocking outbound port 25, then you must configure Hestia to use a SMTP RELAY, There are a few out there but some of them like smtp2go, brevo, etc. have free plans that allow send a limited number of mails per hour, day and month so if you don’t need to send too much emails, that could be an option.

Login to your server via ssh as root or as your user and then sudo su - to be root and once you are root you could use this command to change the password of your user:

v-change-user-password YourUser 'NewPassword'
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