Cloudflare + Nginx FastCGI Compatibility

I always like to do research before I post a help on the fourm, but my question seems not to be answered before.

My website is a WordPress e-commerce store and would like to maximize the speed with help of FastCGi and cloudflare altogether.

I have sensation of compatability issues between CF + fastCGI since CF refuses to work smoothly with nginx.

If I enable CF + nginx FastCGI, will they be compatible with no technical issues?

Thank you in advance.

What are you basing that claim on?

It works fine use it for my client high traffic websites with 0 issues …

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I have done research outside the forum and I found this thread in cloudflare fourm.

This case applies to my claim I mentioned. I think there is something wrong from my end server if you haven’t faced such an issue linking with CF.

Probably I need to check the error.log to see where the issue is.

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