Cloudflare R2 for Backups

Can we get this sometime in the near future?

Looks good and pricing is nice!

Tried Backblaze and didnt like it tbh, not sure why its even an option there but meh.

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No, currently not planed.

If you would like to have a feature, its possible to send it over PR on, also you could “sponsor” it - fill out a feature request and that you’re willing to sponsor it and we would get in touch with you. Just keep in mind that it will not below a few hundred euros.

Sorry cannot do that as i as i don’t use microsoft products - it’s a karma thing.

Cannot sponsor neither as i dont have the moolah to throw around hence why i am using this product in the first place.

I totally understand you!
But in order to get more karma points, prepare a PR in a plain text file and send it to me so I can get my hands dirty and help everyone that wants the feature including you.
Good karma for everyone. Even the lazy.

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i got some free time now and done some progress. i got r2 backup manually authed on my three servers, i can create see and remove buckets… just need to figure out the exact point of hestiacp script where the sftp backend pushes the sftp files and replace it with r2 client commands.

This is what i did thus far:

Log into cloudflare and enable r2 beta, create a sample bucket, or do that via wrangler below…
[below was done on debian buster]
apt install npm -y
npm install -g wrangler
curl -fsSL | sudo -E bash -
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs
i couldnt do this via shell due to the browser callback, kinda silly of wrangler setup/auth when they could have taken the same shelll install route as what OneDrive does under linux. That is, heres the link paste back via shell the return success url / uri so we can verify. So, at this stage, installing desktop and rdp was used to overcome this silliness. but hey it isnt out of beta as yet and who knows what and where things happen later huh?
sudo apt update && apt install tasksel -y
sudo tasksel
check desktop and gnome
sudo systemctl set-default
sudo apt install xrdp -y

sudo usermod -a -G ssl-cert xrdp
sudo nano /etc/xrdp/
^place this:

[above this text start]
test -x /etc/X11/Xsession && exec /etc/X11/Xsession
exec /bin/sh /etc/X11/Xsession
[above this text end]

sudo systemctl restart xrdp
(rdp client): remmina
login and open terminal: wrangler login
log into cloudflare and auth link
then close browser and run (test) from terminal:
wrangler whoami
wrangler r2 bucket list
^should see email login details and buckets respectively

sudo tasksel
uncheck desktop and gnome
sudo systemctl set-default

wrangler r2 bucket create test
wrangler r2 bucket delete test

apt install rclone
nano ~/.config/rclone/rclone.conf
type = s3
provider = Cloudflare
access_key_id = # Your access_key_id
secret_access_key = # Your access_key_secret
endpoint =
acl = private

For 1.7.0 we are adding clone support :slight_smile:

do you know the ETA of it though?

No ETA yet. Still working on a other large feature but you can just download test build:

Install it via

v-update-sys-hestia-git jaapmarcus feature/rclone-support

Any feedback is apreciated :heart:

nice thank you <3

Create “config” via

rclone config

Or edit: /root/.config/rclone/rclone.conf
Then via Configure server → Backup select Rclone → Select host the “config name” in your example: r2demo

And then any bucket name

ok i did it gonna change the cron to something close and test it

didnt work it defaulted to the sftp (local) push, but i didnt reboot first, gonna try that and another backup

still pushing to the sftp client

def hitting my local sftp backup drive

the other thing to note is that there is a 5GB file size limit? Maybe need to section uploads that are big into parts?

Can you copy / paste the settings it should be in:



is that host supposed to be a fqdn ?

That looks fine:

diurnal is the name op the “connection” in rclone.conf?

For example:

Name Type
==== ====
b2 b2
hetzner webdav

You should use the name: