Cloudflare R2 for Backups

Can we get this sometime in the near future?

Looks good and pricing is nice!

Tried Backblaze and didnt like it tbh, not sure why its even an option there but meh.

No, currently not planed.

If you would like to have a feature, its possible to send it over PR on, also you could “sponsor” it - fill out a feature request and that you’re willing to sponsor it and we would get in touch with you. Just keep in mind that it will not below a few hundred euros.

Sorry cannot do that as i as i don’t use microsoft products - it’s a karma thing.

Cannot sponsor neither as i dont have the moolah to throw around hence why i am using this product in the first place.

I totally understand you!
But in order to get more karma points, prepare a PR in a plain text file and send it to me so I can get my hands dirty and help everyone that wants the feature including you.
Good karma for everyone. Even the lazy.

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