Cloudflare SSL certificate

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How can use SSL certificate from Cloudflare? PEM,
I tried different variations but no luck,

Should work fine


Thanks for you reply.
After that i did a post, with step and images how to use SSL from cloudflare
How to install Cloudflare SSL certificate in HestiaCP

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I have followed this process (with RSA created by CloudFlare). I copied the RSA origin certificate and the private key and I paste under Edit Domain Page in HestiaCP. Also I paste the Cloudflare Origin CA - RSA Root in SSL Certificate Authority / Intermediate section. I have turn off the proxy of CloudFlare and I have set CloudFlare with Full SSL (Strict) and I see that my domain with https uses the previous created certificate but chrome shows me that this certificate is invalid. Is that correct? I do not understand what exactly doing the origin ssl but I am reading that is more secure.

If you use the orgin certificate you always have to keep proxy enabled

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So this origin certificate is only for connectivity and seciruty between Cloudflare and my server and will not be visible to visitors? Such as a self-sign?

Yes. If you need an public facing certificate use Lets Encrypt or an paid certificate

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