CNAME Error: invalid value ::

I’m running Hestia Control Panel v1.5.13 at Ubuntu 20.04 (x86_64)
All seems to be perfect till this morning.
I tried to add CNAME record:

But, to my surprise I got this error:

All other records (A,TXT,NS) works with no problem.

Please advise me the reason for this issue. Thank U!

See [Bug] Add MX records to DNS not working after [1.5.13] - Service release · Issue #2561 · hestiacp/hestiacp · GitHub

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Thank U! :slight_smile: Will wait for the fix. Have a nice day!

As was told by jaapmarcus - SSH and edit /usr/local/hestia/func/ - line 941 and comment this string “is_no_new_line_format “$1”;

Now all is working well with CNAME

Have added a check to see if CNAME record has been added to the .db file

Sorry, after reboot or just waiting the CNAME is start to work! So, the fix is working!

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