CNAME Redirected URL

I’ve got SaaS application. And customers wants to use it with thier own domain.

My application domain is *[dot]myapp[dot]com and customers uses their application by subdomain. (eg; customer1[dot]myapp[dot]com). But customer wants to use it by their own domain which one is

app[dot]customer1[dot]com is redirected by cname to customer1[dot]myapp[dot]com and it’s ok. But when I try to go app[dot]customer1[dot]com, the page says “Success!” with green check.

I can’t add app[dot]customer1[dot]com as alias to myapp[dot]com web domain, because myapp[dot]com has dedicated wildcard SSL certificate.

How can I do it without adding alias?

(I wrote [dot] instead of . character because of new forum users can add only 2 urls in any topic.)

Add a new domain with](

And set custom doc root to my and the correct folder

You should be able to use their own ssl or Lets encrypts ssl

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Thanks, it works!

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