CNAME vs A record for www issue

I have a strange issue and one I can’t find an answer for. I have domain A and domain B. I created a web account with and added aliases for,, and

For the WWW I created CNAME records pointing to the domain. Everything worked great and I got an SSL from LE. However, it is time for the SSL to renew, and I got an email with “Error: DNS record for doesn’t exist” I switched from CNAME to an A record for domain A. Now I got another email with “Error: DNS record for doesn’t exist”.

Both of the domains were redirecting to the site properly with CNAMEs but now I cannot get the SSL to renew when using CNAMEs for WWW.

I tried to look on the logs but couldn’t really find anything. Server does not use DNS(bind). I manage DNS elsewhere.

Any ideas why this issue now?


Why you creating another domains aliases.
99% websites like
A | |
CNAME | | @

and another domain, then everyone redirect it to main domain. Its simple easy and very professional.