Command-line script generator

Command line script generator is not working properly in Firefox browser.


@gabizz is the developer of the script generator.

Sorry guys for being so caught in my Romanian-city-halls-apps I’m developing and neglecting the “generator”.

I’ve just rewrote it. It’s a “fancy”, brand new version online now, based on react.js / material-ui.
(the way react should NOT be used - compiled “on-the-fly”, with no build… but… anyway…it was easier for me this way)
The new app should be responsive and easier to use (hopefully)

The link remains the same:

Feel welcome to contribute or at least let me know if there are any issues and we’ll try to solve’em.

Thank you Hestia team for the great job you are doing!


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now it does :slight_smile:

Thank :heart:

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