Comment fields or notes fields

Hello, it would be very convenient for me if there were a “Comments” field in the panel so I can store email passwords for an account or some other information about the clients.

Although I know that plain passwords should not be stored, the problem is that many of my customers forget theirs and have multiple devices and zero interest in technology so a password reset is a hassle for everyone.

It’s called it documentation, for passwords, you should NEVER store them on the same place where they are used. If you want to start with a propper documentation, have a look at a dokuwiki, onenote or even (libre)office.

Thank you very much for your suggestions. Is it still interesting for you to include that field?

Maybe you can write why did you use certain aliases or forwards, etc. That commenting system might be of use apart from the password thing.

For instance, plesk comes with one.

I find the notes field a good idea, from the perspective of the admin who might need to place some notes there.

But I find it a terrible idea to store sensitive information like passwords in that field. For password storing I suggest KeePass (Open Source + Well Respected).