Completely delete domain

Hello, I just removed a domain from the panel and when I enter the website it indicates that it is still hosted on my serverIMG-20200712-WA0051

Hi @LucasgomezDs,

If the DNS A records for the domain that you deleted still point to the IP address of the server, it will return this page by default.

If you are hosting your own DNS, then you can modify the records for the DNS zone or remove it entirely from the panel under the DNS tab. Otherwise you will need to make these changes through your domain registrar or the provider of your DNS services.

thanks and if it is a subdomain? example how do I get the default page not to exit?

When changing the records for your domain (regardless of whether it’s within the DNS section in Hestia or your registrar), you should see several A records such as ‘@’ and ‘www’ for the primary domain and another A record for the subdomain which will be named whatever the subdomain is actually called.

thanks for the reply ; One more question when I add a subdomain in webs section I have to create a dns in the dns section of the primary domain or it is created automatically, because when I used vestacp I had to add it for the SSL certificate

That’s correct, you will need to create a corresponding A record for the subdomain under the root domain’s DNS zone and set it to the IP of your server in order for the subdomain to resolve correctly.

Exactly, but I tried it and without adding the dns subdomain to the root domain, add SSL correctly, is that normal? because in vestacp I was getting an error if I didn’t add the dns to the root domain

Yes, that’s normal. Since the A record isn’t automatically created DNS servers will not be able to resolve subdomain.domain.tld back to your server’s IP, and therefore Let’s Encrypt (assuming that’s what you’re using to pull an SSL certificate for the subdomain) will fail.

We will be adjusting the behavior in the future so that if you create a subdomain and the DNS zone for the root domain exists on the local server then an A record will be automatically created.

That is why I tell you that the SSL certificate is generated without problems without first adding the A record to the root domain; Why doesn’t it return an error? The same thing happens when I enter the website it works correctly; without first adding the A record to the root domain

This thread got needlessly long and confusing, it takes a couple of seconds to add a subdomain and confirm if a dns record is added to your dns zone or not.

It is also not clear if you are using external service for dns like cloudflare or the Hestia Dns server.

Also removing a dns record doesn’t happen instantly, there are various caches that have to expire and could take even more than a day.

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