Composer 2 upgrade

I can’t upgrade Composer (I’m on VPS Debian 10). Can anyone give me “simple” directions? Thanks

Warning from Support for Composer 1 is deprecated and some packages will not be available. You should upgrade to Composer 2. See Deprecating support for Composer 1.x

Simply like search on Google?


I was hoping I’d never hear those answers again, but obviously I was wrong. The request for help is made after: 1. having searched with any search engine (not only Google exists) an answer 2. after having found and tried some online tutorials 3. after having made numerous attempts failed. If Google was enough we were all scientists :slight_smile: === P.S.: I didn’t use Google for translation… I prefer to make mistakes on my own!

I’m sorry, in that case the answer is simply true. Google it, take the first hit (debian 10 "composer 2.0" upgrade Code Example) and you’re done.

Didnt saw that anyone said anything about your english? ;).

It doesn’t work! I wrote on this Forum believing it was a problem that could be connected to Hestiacp and someone had the same difficulties. The strange fact that I upgraded to other Vps (without Hestia but with Debian) always worked. I need to see what happened on this machine. Anyway thank you but, please, never answer to someone who asks for help: see Google! For 25 years I have been interested in computer, OS, web, etc and it is not only a recurring answer but also a hateful one.

Then you need to be more precise with your opening thread. You didnt wrote anything of what you already tried or what exact your problem is. Also you just wrote “doesnt work”, which is again to less information - what does not work? any error?

Helping is only possible when we get enough informations, in your case it was just the question “how do i upgrade composer?”, the hint to google was still the right thing.

So, if you want to provide more informations, you’ll probaly also get the answer you need :).

I’ve recently updated composer on a Debian 10 VPS. Instructions below:

(do this as root in root directory even with warning)

composer self-update

verify with:  composer --version

composer self-update --2     *(to update to version 2)*

composer self-update --rollback      *(to return to 1.10.20)*

So now when you go to your web directory as the web user, composer will be updated to the current version.
Follow the exact same instructions above to upgrade any version 2.x of composer to current.

Thank you all very much. After verifying that it was an anomaly because nobody had happened I reinstalled both Debian and Hestiacp and updated Composer correctly

Is you use v-add-user-composer to create composer file delete it the .composer folder and create it again

or run v-add-user-composer user 2

OK, great. I didn’t think this

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