Configuration the hosts file

Good day. can you please help me with the configuration of the hosts file?

My hosts file is as follows: localhost

The following lines are desirable for IPv6 capable hosts

::1 localhost ip6-localhost ip6-loopback
ff02::1 ip6-allnodes
ff02::2 ip6-allrouters

Seems like you’re missing an entry of your actual hostname.

What does “hostname -f” give you?

Seems like that should be in your /etc/hosts file also. My servers are set up differently, some have
and some have
i.e. the public IP address.
You might try adding one of these.
Hestia isn’t yet IPv6 optimised, so you can probably ignore the IPv6 entries (the ones with :s in them).

Thanks for your help.
“hostname -f” outputs,

my hosts file is as follows: localhost

Were you asking what should be in your hosts file for any particular reason? Does your DNS resolution appear to be broken? Are there any symptoms? Otherwise, the hosts file above looks OK, except you probably don’t need the line
But leaving it in probably wouldn’t really hurt
So just to be clear, your server will always look in /etc/hosts first, before trying any DNS lookups, so it works as a kind of override to public DNS. Keep that in mind when editing it.

I am receiving frl server the following message:

“We have received a notification from an FBL service that a message you have sent has been marked as spam. We are passing this information on to you so you can investigate further. If you think your mail is legitimate, please consider removing the recipient of this message of future campaigns.”

Investigating I found out that rDNS is not configured, and that it had to be fixed in the hosts file.

You tell me that the hosts file, which I deleted the ip6, is the one that should remain, right?

You cannot configure rDNS in the hosts file. It is set by PTR records in the ISP DNS. It can only be set by the party who has been allocated the IP network. This is usually the network operator. Sometimes they offer a way to easily update that record via a web form. You may need to send them an email or contact their support via other means of your provider doesn’t offer another mechanism.

As linkp says, you need to talk to your server host about setting the reverse dns (also called PTR record). They usually have an area of the control panel where you can set this.

I didn’t say to delete the IPv6 entries, merely that hestia doesn’t use them, so you can ignore them. They should probably be left in there in case the OS needs them for something.

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