Configure a server without a domain name

Hello everyone, I’m new to hestia cp, I acquired a dedicated server, and I would like to install hesia cp, but I don’t know what to put in hostname, because I don’t have any domain name, my question is this one, is it mandatory to buy a domain name before configuring hestia cp?

No you can also “make” your own how ever you might have issues with some functions like email…

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thank you for answering me, I tried with a domain bought on another register where I bought the dedicated server, but phew, it didn’t work

It should work… Did your DNS propagation finished?

yes, but I think I misconfigured, I have to reinstall the operating system and then start again

Yea, and my advice would be to install HestiaCP on a subdomain. Like:
Then, create a -non-admin user and add there as a webdomain.
For security it’s better to not create anything within the admin user account.

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