Configure HestiaCP after installation

Currently I use VestaCP with the purchased plugins and the installation and configuration is very easy and there is documentation in my language (Spanish).

I want to go to HestaCP and pass my domains there since from what I see VestaCP will die little by little.

After installation how do I correctly add the ns1,mydomain,com

So for when I add a domain just add ns1,mydomain,com and ns2,mydomain,com to my domain configuration.

And the most important:
How can I use the SSL certificate of one of my domains for the panel?
If you explain, I would appreciate if you could explain something detailed to me since I am a Noob in HestiaCP, thank you :slight_smile:

You can set the name servers at “Package” level when you edit the packages or under the user level. DNS need to be installed of course

Run the command /usr/local/hestia/bin/v-add-letsencrypt-host via Command line interface

Question Hestia has some protection for DDoS attack?, the Vesta screenshoot catch my attention bc Vesta dont have support for the last two year or more.

No HestiaCP doesn’t have any protection for DDOS. VestaCP had some “unofficial” support for supports Plugin Manager - Vesta Control Panel - Forum

But I don’t know how this plugin works. You might be able to add support for Nginx rate limits…

Not worry that just fish my attention, 90% datacenter now provider DDoS Attack FREE with each plan.
@Eris how more week for the next release of Hestia?.

The DDOS is very interesting for me at least.

Whenever I see the traffic to my servers I see lots of fake bots and voracious search engines that I would love to ban forever.

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