Configure Server: MARIADB

will be fixed in 1.4.0?

sadly… non-working functionality.

MariaDB has changed their config in 10.5. In some certain installs the config in /etc/mysql/my.cnf is missing

this is bad. how to configure mysql now? many servers, many clients… give everyone ssh? a nightmare… :cold_face:

  1. Did you already checked the 1.4 beta?
    If not try it. I don’t have any issue on 1.4
  2. Check if /etc/mysql/my.cnf exists
    If not cp /usr/local/hestia/install/deb/mysql/xxxx.cnf and copy it to there it should work fine
  3. We are an Open source project and we don’t make any money with Hestia. And al our time we invest in this project is currently paid by our self. And we have there for limited time. Unless we are going to make Hestia an paid project some bugs will take longer to fix / replace then other issues. If you are such a heavy user you should be able to debug the issue of it and then submit a pull request. Or at least hire an developer who is able to fix the issue…
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  1. beta - no. checked alpha.
  2. exists…
  3. I understand. thanks mariadb… :sweat_smile:

the screenshot above is the official page - hestia demo. waiting for release…
p.s. this bug is for both ubuntu and debian.

@eris I want to add two parameters for mariadb

In which file should I put these lines?