Configuring Nameservers for HestiaCP Domains Across Master and Slave Servers

I’m new to HestiaCP, and I want to understand how to configure the DNS name servers correctly. For that, I have created four VMware virtual machines: master, slave1, slave2, and slave3. Then, I followed the DNS clusters and DNSSEC documentation, and all are configured without issue.

Next, on each virtual machine, I have created a domain like this with a WordPress site:

  • master: —> master.local → WordPress master
  • slave1: —> slave1.local → WordPress slave1
  • slave2: —> slave2.local → WordPress slave2
  • slave3: —> slave3.local → WordPress slave3

My Windows host configuration is as follows:

  • master.local
  • slave1.local
  • slave2.local
  • slave3.local

Everything is working fine, and I can reach each WordPress site in the correct server.

Now, I need all domains, regardless of whether they are on the master or slaves, to always use the same ns1.master.local and ns2.master.local. In other terms, if I change my host like this to use the master IP, it doesn’t work:

  • master.local
  • slave1.local
  • slave2.local
  • slave3.local

Can you explain, please, how I can achieve this?

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OK, thank you all. After searching the forum, I have resolved my issue with the response from @eris , which helped me better understand the schema of building DNS in many servers.

As long it runs on 1 physical server there is 0 advantages of using a DNS cluster you really need separated servers for that …

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Hi Eris,
I understand that,
I have set it up this way as a learning experience to understand how DNS clustering can function on real servers.

Thank you

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