Confused about the config file location

Hello everyone, I was trying to set up various settings from this blog post. Install NextCloud On Ubuntu 22.04 LTS - Complete Guide
However, since I’m using hestiacp, the config file for php/apache/nginx are not in the default location. I checked the doc on template Web Templates and FastCGI/Proxy Cache | Hestia Control Panel, but still confused. How could I adapt the changes correctly and not get overwritten after domain rebuilding…
Thank you :slight_smile:

hestia provides nextcloud in one click installation/webapps, you’ll find it when you edit the web domain.

I know but if I REALLY WANT to tweak something in php/apache/nginx, in the doc(Globally or for individual site), it seems I could either create a template and how??
It seems to me that additional php tweaks can be put in .user.ini file. (?):face_with_monocle:
And settings to servers should be /home/MYUSERNAME/conf/web/MYDOMAIN/apache2.ssl.conf_*. Is that right?

Yes :slight_smile:

Here is the answer to this question: Web Templates and FastCGI/Proxy Cache | Hestia Control Panel

Correct, you can change those php directives in that file or create a new php-fpm template and use it for your site (it is explained in above link).

Yes, the files you add as WEBSERVER.ssl.conf_WHATEVER and WEBSERVER.conf_WHATEVER won’t be overrided when rebuilding your user or site.



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