Contributing to development

Good morning all, I would love to start helping and contributing in terms of the development of hestia.

I have a linux vm running on my desktop and would like to know how I can start getting my hands dirty with development of hestia.

How does one go about getting started?

For basic to complicated stuff


Only knowledge for your non locale language … Takes about 3 / 4 hours for the first time depending on status of and then few “seconds” to maybe few minutes every week/month to keep them up to date


Fork Hestia CP and clone it
Run: npm ci
Then make the changes via your editor and run the website locally with npm run docs:dev

And make a PR when done

Bug fixes / Feature development

Fork the project
Check for outstanding issues:

See: Contributing to Hestia’s development | Hestia Control Panel

Make the changes you want and send a PR :slight_smile:

We will try to review it and merge it when it works

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A quick question to go about installing the fork I am assuming its the same process as one would do as per the standard installation process?

Yes if follow the steps from Building packages | Hestia Control Panel

It is only really needed if you make changes to the installer.


v-update-sys-hestia-git fork:branch will work fine

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