Control Panel says Under Construction

I have just setup Hestia and I am able to log in and setup next-cloud on my domain perfectly. I use clouflare for my dns as well. The issue i have is when i try connecting to the control panel through my domain instead of the ip, I am getting a Under Construction page.


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Did you adjust the port to one that works with Cloudflare or map to the default HestiaCP port on your origin?

You may have the same problem encountered by @Hussein
you can check by renaming index.html

cd /home/USER/web/DOMAIN/public_html
mv ./index.html ./index.hestia

apache2 (and/or nginx) will look FIRST for index.html = index.php may be there but is not used…
(see the above discussion to change that default)

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yes i changed the port to 2083

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ok so i was going through and i noticed that the domain folder actually had the subdomain written which im going to assume is most likely my issue but i still continued through and your suggestion did not fix the issue.

IF you have renamed the index.html file and still see the the “we are working on it” page:

  1. clear nginx cache (presume you are using reverse proxy…)
  2. check your browser…
    IF you have index.html renamed and IF index.php does exist - someone is chaching…

v-change-sys-port 2083

And access:

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