Correct process for creating a subdomain

Hi folks, hope you’re all staying safe amongst this crazy world we live in right now.

I did a bit of GoogleFu on the subject for this post, but I wasn’t able to nut down an exact process for creating a subdomain via HestiaCP.

Objective: I want a subdomain “sub.domain.tld” to point to its own directory to host separate content to the TLD (example: friend needs hosting, I have a domain and hosting - boom, friend has hosting).

The posts I’ve found thus far suggest using a domain alias or creating a new domain under the user, and disabling subdomain ownership enforcement. None of which have worked for me to point to the correct directory, and I’m not sure where I’m going wrong.

So, that’s what’s triggered me to create an account to post here. :stuck_out_tongue:

What is the correct procedure to create a subdomain, from start to finish in HestiaCP?

Many thanks in advance.

If you want to create a separate user:

  1. “Cogs” → Configure server → Security → Policy → Enforce subdomain ownership → Set to no
  2. Create new user
  3. Add new web domain
  4. Add DNS records to your server of your domain

If you don’t want a separate user: Step 3 + 4 only


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