Cpanel backup restore issue

Hello 2 months back I successfully restored a cpanel backup for testing but didmt actually transfer the domain because my servers were in development mode.

Now i have some clients already and some with cpanel i am trying to move here

I used v restore cpanel script but it gives me errors

root@hcp:/usr/local/hestia/bin# v-import-cpanel /backup/cpanel-backup.tar.gz yes
Checking provided file…
OK - Gziped File
Extracting backup…
Backup extracted without errors…
/usr/local/hestia/bin/v-import-cpanel: line 87: cd: too many arguments
Get prefix…
cat: meta/dbprefix: No such file or directory
Access tmp directory /usr/local/hestia/bin
cat: meta/dbprefix: No such file or directory
/usr/local/hestia/bin/v-import-cpanel: line 95: [: =: unary operator expected
grep: userdata/main: No such file or directory
grep: userdata/: No such file or directory
Get User:
Error: user exists

I have tried both full backup and home directory backup.

Can anyone help me troubleshoot this please.
I also noticed back in the day the install script was a bit different there was mysql yes and no its mariadb yes my install script that i used in hestia was mariadb yes and mysql8 no postgresql no

The database in cpanel is mysql based but i am not sure which older version ( it cant be 8)

Can you share an ls of the temp dir?

its from an hour ago when i was trying to get it done via gpt:

root@hcp:/usr/local/hestia/bin# v-import-cpanel-modified-v2 /backup/cpanel-backup.tar.gz yes Checking provided file… OK - Gziped File Extracting backup… Backup extracted without errors… /usr/local/hestia/bin/v-import-cpanel-modified-v2: line 87: cd: too many arguments Contents of /backup/tmp.I7xWsHB3PX: access-logs bin cpmove.psql css mail php quarantine tmp amsorg cache cpmove.psql.1266570808 etc perl public_ftp quarantine_clamavconnector var backup-6.15.2023_01-30-56_amsorg.tar.gz cpbackup-exclude.conf cpmove.psql.1311561916 logs perl5 public_html ssl www root@hcp:/usr/local/hestia/bin#

GPT made me a script that will print the ls if backup fails

Screenshot doesn’t work …

What kind of backup did you use?

You ned to use the user backup…

i tried both home directory backup and full backup because i wasnt sure which one to use…
can u confirm me if i should select mysql yes (during hcp installation) in order to restore cpanel backup or i can just select mariadb yes and it will be okay?

MariaDB should work as well…

Can you share a backup ?

i have tried these 2 :confused:

share the actual backup?
i can do it via email to you if u need can you please ping me [email protected]

Please send an email to [email protected]

i sent an email and got auto response.

I managed to import cpanel backup into hestiacp but i ran into too many issues

  1. The user id and pass of emails kept having issues even when password was correctly set it kept asking user for passwords
  2. The client didnt have static ip and their ip changed alot and their ip was put on blacklists
  3. Issues with wordpress websites were also there but they were easily fixed as cpanel was using older version of php.

Did anyone else successfully restored cpanel backup and used without any issue?

I had to transfer my client to cpanel only because the organization was furious about emails issue.

Any help would be appreciated for future transfers