Create a site with files "cgi"

Good time of day please tell me. I need to create one website with * .cgi files. I installed the Web APACHE2 “phpcgi” template, but it just downloads the cgi files on the computer. Files cgi placed in the folder “/home/admin/web/deb.dtrek/cgi-bin” and index.html in the folder “public_html”

Thank you in advance.

Hi 13_Voin

I don’t have any big knowledge in cgi itself, I will ask inside of our team if anyone else could help you out here.

Hestia does not support cgi/perl out of the box. sorry to say but you are probably just misinterpreting the fact that there is cgi-bin dir. that dir holds the php-wrapper script if php-cgi or php-fcgi model is used to run php scripts. this has nothing to do with running cgi scripts. the settings in the panel are purely php related.

if you want to run cgi scripts you need to enabled mod cgi in apache, and add a handler for those filetypes etc. I suggest you look into using custom vhost-configs to add something like that.

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Isn’t HestiaCP a fork of VestaCP? VestaCP has CGI.

I was about to move to HestiaCP but I can’t now. I need CGI. I might be able to ad it but adding it securely is a different thing.

I’ll try and see if I can compare VestaCP and HestiaCP and add the missing feature.