Create or modify databases error. Connection to localhost failed

In the control panel it is impossible to modify or create new databases. From the command line MariaDB works correctly. OS Debian 10.

As was the case with VestaCP, if you change the password of the root user, you must also change it in the configuration files.

@eris is this a bug?

Hestia generates an unique 16 character password during install and writes it to the config file. If the user decides to change this password he should also change the password in the config files otherwise it will not work.

Don’t see an bug here…

hestiacp/ at 763c4aab297e103c0c2a7b7cace1dc27c5dcc126 · hestiacp/hestiacp · GitHub See the code

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Well, obviously upon root password change the database should still work out of the box or upon password change, show a warning to the user so that he can act upon that.

Yes but you will need manual edit config. Or should we create for every system taks an v-do-taks-script…

dont overcomplicate

Hestia could send a warning: “Remember to change your database password if blah blah blah”

No! We cannot detect if an mysql password changes.