Creation of NS servers

Hello, I want to make a mini hosting for my friends. What is the point, I need that when buying a domain name, a friend indicated my NS servers, i.e. and How can I achieve this result?
Let’s say is my domain name;
Let’s say is the address of my VDS;
In Hestia, I created a DNS with the domain name using the child-ns template. At the registrar in the DNS panel, I added the domain name with the slave type and the master IP What do I need to do next?

Step 1:

Create a new DNS domain and select template “child-ns”

Result will become:

Step 2:

For your your domain change at the register the name server

Step 3 wait for up to 3 hours…

And after that setup the other domains. You can use the normal template but you need to modify the name server in the user settings


Step 1: I created added domain name in DNS.

Step 2: I have added NS records to
Step 2

Step 3: I expect 24 hours, in case of problems I will add an answer. If the issue is resolved, I will mark the solution.

Package customization:
Additional 1

systemctl status bind9:

Configure DNS server:
Additional 3

Edit DNS Zone:

Also, I have one IP address, can I use it on ns1 and ns2?

Already 19 hours have passed, and the name-server still does not exist.

Trying to attach

Use your own domain name instead / is equivalent to ns1. <my_domain_name> .com; is equivalent to <my_ip>.<my_ip>.<my_ip>.<my_ip>;
Just replaced via page code view to hide the original domain name and IP address.

Configure Server: BIND9

options {
directory “/var/cache/bind”;
// If there is a firewall between you and nameservers you want
// to talk to, you may need to fix the firewall to allow multiple
// ports to talk. See
// If your ISP provided one or more IP addresses for stable
// nameservers, you probably want to use them as forwarders.
// Uncomment the following block, and insert the addresses replacing
// the all-0’s placeholder.
// forwarders {
// };
// If BIND logs error messages about the root key being expired,
// you will need to update your keys. See Current Root Trust Anchors - ISC
dnssec-validation auto;
auth-nxdomain no;
allow-recursion {; ::1; };
allow-transfer {“none”;};
hostname none;
server-id none;
version none;

Fixed the problem:

Step 1: Moved from Cloudflare to a DNS hosting provider;

Step 2: Installed HestiaCP from scratch;

Step 3: Edit server DNS settings
Additional 1

Step 4: Add DNS-zone

Step 5: Added MASTER domain and IP at the registrar

Step 6: The registrar indicated the following entries

Step 7: Waiting for DNS update

Step 1: Moved from Cloudflare to a DNS hosting provider;

Disable proxy would usefull information next time…


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