Cron Deamon 27000 emails

When I checked my email I saw 27000 emails cron deamon hestia, how can I stop this ?

You’ll need to share a bit more informations if you want to have an answer :slight_smile:.

I got tons of3
emails from cron deamon

I would guess the error message is “unable to resolve hostname”. So you probaly want to fix that: Search results for 'unable to resolve' - Hestia Control Panel - Discourse

your website is very slow show blanco pages so I can’t click on the link you show. And my hostname is just fine

You error message says probally Unable to resolve hostname. If so try nslookup

If you don’t want to put any effort in don’t expect any help…

I will check that

I checked my hostname was .com it must be .nl
I have changed it now. Thank you

The forum is protected by cloudflare, the server behind is working as usual - seems to be an issue on your side.

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