Cron export/import

is there any change to export/import the Hestia´s cronjobs? I installed the panel on new server, but on old server have few hundreds of cronjobs…

User cronjob are inside the user backup

Including the admin user…

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So can import only the CronJobs on new server?

Usage: v-restore-user USER BACKUP [WEB] [DNS] [MAIL] [DB] [CRON] [UDIR] [NOTIFY]

You can just extract the CRON entries from a backup using this command. I’ve forgotten the exact syntax now, but I THINK ( i.e. do some checks first … ) its like this:
v-restore-user username backup-file.2022.tar.gz "no" "no" "no" "no" "yes" "no" "no"

Alternatively, you may be able to copy
from old server to new server, and then rebuild the user.

Maybe one of the admins can confirm these approaches.


After rebuild it should be working

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