Cron is not working properly?

cron is not working properly? help me please

Cron should run every minute but it is running every 6 minutes

cron command: /usr/bin/curl https://MYDOMEN/bots/test.php



Turn on the notifications and add an echo “test” to the page so then check the email and see what times email is coming in.

Or add the date / time to your telegram bot

I tried, but the message did not come to my email. I checked that the email is written correctly. I also checked the spam folder in the email, but there was no message

Notification is enabled

what do you suggest to do? Is it possible to reload the crontab?

hestia uses the system cron, it is basicly like you run crontab -e and add a line there. We cant debug your system for you, but i think your outgoing mail port may be blocked.

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Thanks for the reply, I’ll check it out

how can i check if outgoing mail port is blocked please help

you don’t need to add “please help”, we do write when we can/want. You can use telnet to check if smtp is open, probaly telnet mail.domain.tld will do the job.

Thanks, that’s understandable

I checked, cron is running, but for some reason the request is succeeding every 6 minutes. What could be causing this? php settings or web server?

I tried to add v-add-cron-job admin * * * * * sudo /usr/local/hestia/bin/v-backup-users cron via ssh but I got the above response. What error is this?

Check what the output is for the twitter maybe the is a rate limit

Use Double “quotes” around *

I solved the problem, thank you

Please share your solution!

I moved my domains and files to a new server. Then the script failed because of a problem with DNS. cron is running every minute but the script failed because of the domain’s DNS settings. On another domain, cron and script are working fine.

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