Cron jobs not working Hestia v1.8.11 Ubuntu 22.04 (x86_64)

Previously cron ran normally every minute, but now it no longer runs, I think it is due to the v1.8.11 update, I’m not sure.
Could you guide me how to make cron work in Moodle?
/usr/bin/php8.2 /home/user/web/
moodle says:

CRON[17978]: (synapsenova) CMD (sudo /usr/bin/php8.2 /home/user/web/
also I try another way:
CRON[18214]: (synapsenova) CMD (php /home/user/web/
If I try to run cron.php script manually I get:
!!! Excepción - Call to undefined function pcntl_signal() !!!

I managed to solve it
I just had to remove pcntl_signal from the php.ini

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