Cronjob does not work


unfortunately I have a problem with a cronjob that just doesn’t work. The file that has to be executed is called: task_cloudflare_flush_homepage.php?xccccxxccx

I have already tried the following commands:
php -q /home/user/web/domain/public_html/task_cloudflare_flush_homepage.php?xccccxxccx
/usr/bin/php /home/user/web/domain/public_html/task_cloudflare_flush_homepage.php?xccccxxccx
/usr/bin/wget -q -O domain/task_cloudflare_flush_homepage.php?xccccxxccx

other cron jobs work too. I think it’s because of “?xccccxxccx”. Can anyone help?

PHP via CLI doesn’t accept any GET Parameters

Use in your PHP code use

The you can use:
usr/bin/php /home/user/web/domain/public_html/task_cloudflare_flush_homepage.php 123456

and 123456 is your variable accessible via $args

Or use:

/usr/bin/wget -q -O “http://domain/task_cloudflare_flush_homepage.php?xccccxxccx


unfortunately this does not work, not even with https url.

i am not a coder and can not use function.func-get-args.php

then you did something wrong

what happens when you open that url in the browser?

it comes this issue:

stdClass Object
[result] => stdClass Object
[id] => ff4432c3ee0d8266b90c6f353ba4

[success] => 1
[errors] => Array

[messages] => Array


Looks good, how about running that wget cmd from the cli (leave out ‘-O’ argument)?

I will test it in the next few days and let you know here.

it does not work even without an ‘-O’ argument.

eight ball says: you need to fix your code.

either way. this is not an issue related to Hestia. we can’t provide coding support for free, but feel free to reach out if you are willing to pay and want a quote. :wink: