Crontab doesn't work

Fresh install

  • Hestia Control Panel v1.7.7
  • Operating SystemDebian 11.7 (x86_64)

Default crontab on the admin user doesn’t work and I don’t receive any notification emails.
I check exim4 log and I can’t see any mail started to notify the cron job ends.
I check crontab log, I see the cron job that start the command and nothing else.

Please, help me… can I check additional logs to understand the problem?
if I lunch manually the command, for example, v-backup-users, it works fine.


Is is perfectly ok not to receive any notification when the cronjob doesn’t produce any output.


Any of this cron job don’t produce any output? HestiaCP doesn’t send any notification mail to notify success of backup or something else?

Anyway, the backup job (sudo /usr/local/hestia/bin/v-backup-users) doesn’t make any backup, but if I run manually the command, it works…

usualy not, no - expect there is a issue. Also not for v-backup-user

In my opinion, it would be very nice to have a basic notification by email, which you can activate or deactivate… in my case the v-backup-user job does not start, or rather, I can see it in the crontab log but the backup is not executed. How do I know what the error is?

probaly syslog, v-backup-user will inform over mail if it fails.

inside syslog file I see cronjob log but it contains only the command executed and I don’t understand if the command ends correctly or not…
Command executed, any notification email, any backup created…

Check /var/log/hestia/backup.log

Check /var/log/hestia/backup.log

Ok now I understand the issue…

ftp: connect: No route to host
Error: can't login to ftp ftp://backup-vps@****.com
2023-06-09 05:10:05 *** Remote backup failed ***

But I didn’t receive any error mail…why?

In the next releases can you create a page in hestiaCP that contains all main logs?


For the emails not being send:

Run this ones and it will use a smtp relay

I don’t want use an stmp relay actually.
Other system email like welcome mail works fine…