"csf" service shows as "stopped" - How to activate it?

I have the “csf” service installed and running in my server. I just need to add the csf module to HestiaCP. To do that, I have done the following steps:

sudo nano /usr/local/hestia/conf/hestia.conf


sudo systemctl restart hestia

However, when I access the services view in HestiaCP, I see the service as “stopped”. When I try to activate it, nothing happens:

CSF is not listed as supported in hestiacp/v-list-sys-services at main · hestiacp/hestiacp · GitHub

So it is not possible…

I managed to activate the service - I needed to restart both CSF and LFD, and reload the firewall rules with this command:

sudo csf -ra

Then I was able to check that the “csf” service is active and running using this command:

sudo v-list-sys-services

However, when I try to see the CSF config in the UI, this path returns a 404: /edit/server/csf/

It’s most likely due to what @eris mentioned.

CSF is not supported by Hestia… So we can’t help those paths don’t exists so you need to figure it out your self…

as of today, Hestia is not supporting for CSF, due to strong reasons there.
But there are ways to have it working within hestia UI…
ref: [How-to] CSF Support in Hestia CP - #124 by MAN5


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