Curl: option --retry-connrefused: is unknown

Last time all servers with hestia send mail with error:

Cron [email protected] sudo /usr/local/hestia/bin/v-update-letsencrypt-ssl

curl: option --retry-connrefused: is unknown
curl: try ‘curl --help’ or ‘curl --manual’ for more information
Error: Let’s Encrypt new auth status

Are you using Ubuntu 16.04? Please check:

If not, the thread above will explain the issue aswell, then it’s probaly time to update you system packages :slight_smile:.

You right. I use Ubuntu 16.4 and update curl help to fix issue.

Solution is (under root or use sudo):
apt remove curl
apt purge curl
apt update
apt install -y libssl-dev autoconf libtool make
cd /usr/local/src
rm -rf curl*
cd curl-7.70.0
./configure --with-ssl
make install

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