Custom HTML and CSS in 1.7.2 upgrade

I’m currently running HestiaCP 1.7.1 and I made quite some changes to the CSS, HTML and PHP functions which I want to retain when I upgrade.

CSS: made changes to dark theme css and the default css
HTML: modified the tables to my taste
PHP: added CPU and RAM usage function and display them on the navbar

I’ve made a backup of /usr/local/hestia/web, so my question is if I can restore this backup after upgrading to 1.7.2

CSS got some changes with the outline of focus
PHP no major changes only regarding DNS SEC
HTML major changes to the dialog

So probally need to test it your self

Alright, Thank you. I’ll run the upgrade and check

Hestia mainly the backend is not really designed to “rewrite” the interface… And we do not provide support for it…

What’s the command to update hestiaCP 1.7.1 to 1.7.2

apt update && apt upgrade

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