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Hello Hestia team, you may remember me from the discord. and a sponsor of some additions. Good to see the white label implemented.

I’m having trouble updating my certificate for the Hestia dashboard. for some reason I wanted to use a Digicert key, I do not want a Free SSL, and my information is probably outdated, but I read somewhere that it can affect mail deliverability for mail sent from the server. irregardless.

I’ve successfully created a CSR and all the relevant data, and replaced the files in /usr/local/hestia/ssl/ with the updated .key & .crt file with keeping the same name, I’m not sure why it’s not working.

When visiting with a web browser I’m still getting my expired key.

I tried using this GUI area of the control panel.

But it doesn’t change the certificate that’s used by the dashboard on the browser.

I cleared browser cache, and tried other systems and I’m not using cloudflare.

I thought I might need to restart Hestia? Thoughts?

I don’t know what files or path’s to go down next to aid in troubleshooting why my new certificate is not working on the control panel. Any help would be appreciated

I don’t know what you read but that is completely false :wink:

When visiting or when visiting

If you modified the cert for Hestia, yes, you should restart or at least reload nginx (the one used by Hestia):

systemctl restart hestia

When using :8083

Also, systemctl restart hestia is the solution. :heart_eyes:

Thank you for the quick solution <3

Does this command just restart the control panel, and leave the server alone? I was scared to use it and have sites down. >.<

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You are welcome.

Yes, you have two nginx instances, the main one that supports your domains, and the one that supports the control panel itself and you restarted the second one, so no domains are affected :wink:

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