Custom WordPress setup

Hi there!

Just performed my first HestiaCP setup, and wow… it’s amazing!

I normally install WordPress using WP-CLI interface and particularly to install a custom setup (i.e. without any default content… posts, pages, themes, etc.).

Is there any way to customize HestiaCP WordPress setup script in order to do that?

Thanks for any help!

Don’t think so,

Unless you can control it via de default installer…


However you can install wp-cli if you need and enable SSH access to the server.

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Thanks a lot for your reply!

The script downloads directly from site version 5.3.2 (
I could upload a custom setup into a private server and then download it from this script!

I normally install wp-cli and use in all my servers! :wink: but the HestiaCP “one-click install” was very handy!!

Thanks again!

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Please be careful during update to a newer version of Hestia the one click install can be reverted back to the original.

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