Customs Templates must be included in backup

Moved several servers today and noticed that custom Web templates that I wrote are missing after restore. They stored in /usr/local/hestiacp/data/templates/web/nginx.
So I checked - there are not included at the backups.
May be some folder should be created in users home for custom templates?

The templates should be include in the backup it self. It is currently not activate or restored…

Thanks! But this changes wil be erased by next update…
I think corresponding lines are:

If you open the tar file you should be able to copy the templates to /usr/local/hestia/data/templates

But it should be done by de user instead

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Oh, I see. Ok. Thanks!

The thing here is that the user doesn’t care about nginx hosting and it’s templates but the sysadmin does.

The fact that they can be ported among servers is very helpful and removes a lot of pain.

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We don’t feel “conferrable” by just replacing/creating them on default but at least they can be restored in case of a major server breakdown…

How about an option in the backend?

Yes, it may be overcomplicating things…

I dont think it is worth the time, backups gets restored about 95% on cli using v-restore-user - expand the backup and restore documentation would probaly make more sense.

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Also if you need to import into a new server it needs to be done 100% via CLI

Hello ScIT and Eris!

This was a part of my list after I began to use Hestia. Due to lack of time, I could not implement for me.

Packing of custom templates is implemented already .

The requested enhancement is a mere unpack and copy in the respective directory. If the custom templates are there, only then they will be used in the rebuild.

An experienced user, who knows of all these tips and tricks may be able to do this with one click. But for a starter, it would be a headache to first understand this problem.

And to have this tiniest little change would give some ease at the time of restore.

It is currently not possible due to how things are written unless we rewrite it in a special way and probally not worth it.

We could offcouse copy them for now to the /root/restore/ folder and information about in the documentation

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Every step in this direction is very positive from my personal perspective.

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