Cyrillic domain broken

Hello, friends!
Please help.
Installed update 12.07
The Cyrillic domain stopped working on the account.
The domain name in the WEB folder is broken
Translated in a different encoding.
I am trying to delete the domain and recreate it.
The domain is created in the panel, but the site does not work.
The domain directory has a broken name. In a different encoding.

I want to completely delete my account. I really want to think that you need to create an account again and then create a domain.
I hope this will have the effect of the correct operation of the site.

Now I’m trying to delete my account.
I’m having difficulty, the failure is returned when I try to delete.
Error: bind9 restart failed’
Error: dns domain deletion failed

Please help.
Tell me how to create a domain in the correct encoding after the update.

And tell me how to delete the account now.

Thank you
I really look forward to your help

there is no such release, can you adjust which version you are on?

HCP version 1.8.5
installation date 12/07/2023

Thanks for your reply.
The directory modification date is the same as the update date.
The domain directory name has become a set of meaningless characters.
File nginx.conf contains valid entries of domain