DDNS server for Hestia


I’m looking for DDNS server for Hestia, same this for vesta Vesta Control Panel Dynamic DNS Service | Ryan Brownell Portfolio
I hope there is way use Heista DDNS server.


You can make something like that over the api

Hi eris,

thk for reply, but I can’t understand how do it with api.


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You can also ask the programmer to port it to hestia.

You don’t need to port the function


Via the API you can v-change-dns-record user domain.com recordid A “ip” and call it every xx min

And how does the system which IP to set? You will need to tell the system every time your ISP changes the IP.

You can check locally what ip you have…

I thought the purpose of this is to have my router ping my dns server to have myhome.mydomain.com resolve to the current IP of my home.

So if the router doesn’t ping, the dns record doesn’t update and then I can’t ssh: myhome.mydomain.com:1234

How does hestia know locally what ip does my home have?

You know your external ip

Then run:

v-change-dns-record user domain.com recordid A “ip”

Should work fine…

Off course you can create other methods…

If somebody wants to make addition for it feel free to do so. But it will break during updates and so on., And we allready decided against DDNS feature in Hestia as there are other ways to implement it… As their are other ways to implement it… And it is not a core for “Hestia” is self…