Debian 10 or 11 ( New install )

Currently making plans to phase out my old vesta servers and move to hestia but im torn between choosing deb 10 or 11.

I made this post to get some insights to help my decision making.

My current cloud provider uses onapp and unfortunately they dont support debian 11, i have other cloud providers i can relocate to which is fine but i would rather stay with my onapp provider unless there is strong valid reasons for needing debian 11.

Is hestia stable on both versions ?
If i choose debian 10 will hestia still be supported in 2024?

Unrelated - setting up DNS cluster with vestacp and hestiacp - from my testing yielded no bugs but my test may not be 100% Are there issues i should be aware of ?

HestiaCP will support Debian 10 untill it goes EOL for regular in 2024.

DNS cluster with Hestia → VestaCP works fine beware of random changes at VestaCP…

@eris For DNS cluster will VestaCP → Hestia work ? Ive not tested this yet.

Update - For anyone wondering DNS Cluster with vestacp and hestiacp does work from my testing.

  • Tested Both Ways ( Vesta to Hestia ) Vise versa
  • Added DNS records to make sure they update and sync properly
  • OS Debian and Centos 7

Have no idea not tested …

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