Debian 11 + Hestiacp = folder access denied

I am helpless! Please anybody help me. 10x!

Already i do done : chmod -R 755 - with no success

Please provide with more information

I have domain= I control the domain, i can write and delete in the root folder, but i can not see sub folders like !


Using Mozilla, Chromium etc…

You need to place in


Already i do that!

The site work normally! - OK - ACCESS DENIED (-__-)

Pardon - access denied

Check your log files as it will provide with more information. Default permission and all files should be long to the user and not root and it should be working fine

Can you tell my more about .htaccess file?


Me I take control folder permission through this file?


Are you using nginx proxy or not? What’s in that folder? What’s in the content of the .htaccess file? What do the log files say?

By the way you have already a strange redirect on pitagor(dot)net redirecting it to pitagor-school(dot)eu only after some time with the Bulgarian redirect warning…

If you are 100% sure everything is setup correct please remove -all- caches and cookies from your browser and delete DNS cache from your system.

Yes Chris! I use nginx, proxy no! pitagor-scool(dot)eu is a friendship site.


You can’t use .htaccess then. Depending on the setup you might need to use a custom template. It is impossible for use to guess without proper information…

Eric, where is .htaccess file?

Ivan, if you don’t provide more information nobody can help you… You just said you don’t use apache, which means you cannot use .htaccess file.

Also please be aware of Please read this, before you start!

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