Hello good morning.

Is it safe to use Debian 12 to install the Hestia server?

Or is it still on trial?

supported and stable.


It works like a charm :wink:

Yes, I update to 12

BUT, debian 11 to 12 differences in performance
debian 11 used 650 ~700mb
debian 12 used 1000gb

debian 11 used 70% cpu
debian 12 go to 100% cpu in performance peaks

with that increase, there seems to be another issue with your server.

@Raphael thank for alert

After august(agosto) look increse cpu usage…

do you have any tips to check what might be going on?
the server has the highest access numbers between 6:00 pm and 10:00 pm.
Nothing has been changed except an update to debian 12…

no, not really. can basicly be a lot, needs some debug.

Thank you very much already decided to install it

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