Dedicated user ip, how does it work?

Hi there.
How is dedicated user IP supposed to work with Hestia?
If I set up a dedicated IP to a user and the user assign/uses this IP address to a certain domain, the site is still only accessible through the domain name and not its IP address. Browsing site through IP address show the default “success” site.

I’ve done the same setup with a myvestacp box and the webdomain is accessible through the domain name and its dedicated IP.

Currently, this is the way it works - yes. You can add multiple websites to a customers dedicated ip, a direct ip access will always show the success page.

Browsing on the direct ip is, in my point of view, anyway nonsense: You can’t activate a ssl certificate to make the encrypt the communication (expect some rare cases with paid certs).

Also hestia != myvesta, aswell as hestia != vesta. Hestia was started as a fork of vesta, but has now so much changes, that it’s (nearly) impossible to directly migrate a vesta based system to hestia, expect the backup function (one way). So it’s better to look at hestia as a own project, which isnt directly comparable with (my)vesta anymore.

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