Default home directory

A very nice feature to have would be an option to select the location of home directory during user creation.
(For example /home2 /home3 /home4 instead of just /home)

Also, could I expect issues with Hestia if I change default home in /etc/default/useradd before user creation?
(Is /home hard-coded somewhere?)

Edit: I see useradd in v-add-user is using -d option. Is there a safe procedure to acheve the above manually?


I can’t answer your question about if the user directory is hard coded, but I’d guess a change like that would have a lot of knock-on effects in the code.
Perhaps if you described what problem you’re trying to solve with having several different /home/ directories, there might be another way of doing it. It might just be easier to spin up another VM and have several servers going …

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simple answer: yes it’s hardcoded in a lot of places and if you change the way the system creates users towards using different homedirs - hell will break loose.

if you intend to use hestia you’ll have to live with users being created in (a single) /home and no way to change it. sorry.

if you run out of space and are looking for option to mount additional space into your system, you could offload the /backup dir instead, which might help a bit. other than that you could mount additional space somewhere, move the user dirs in there and loop-mount them back into /home - not ideal, but an option at least,

Totally fine.
After I posted the question, I checked a few v-* scripts and figured as much.
I was thinking about a way to assign clients to different filesystems. Standard with SSD drives and budget with spinning ones.
Oh well… I guess, another Hestia server for cost sensitive clients will be the solution. :slight_smile:

Thank you, best regards and a great weekend!